Scotland's Road Safety Framework

Transport Scotland Road Safety Policy are always refining and looking for ways to make our roads safer for all.

Below is a list of people who have applied and are getting match funding for their road safety ideas right now.

BOSCH Vehicle Data Analysis

Funding period: 2021-22

Location: Various

Organisation: Police Scotland

Main aims:

  • Provide national training to bespoke officers (25 technicians and 8 analysts).
  • Identify trends in data which may lead to improvements in road safety, road design, driver training and road safety messaging.
  • Share reports with Transport Scotland, under a data sharing agreement, which will assist with providing key information to the ongoing in-depth fatality study.
  • Gain feedback from all 33 individuals who have been trained. This will be conducted using a combination of online, self-completion survey methods and follow-up telephone interviews in order to have a trained researcher capture responses to determine how the BOSCH tool improved the quality of the findings of their enquiry.

Funding period: 2018-20

Location: Highlands

Key priority: Age

Organisation: Police Scotland / NHS / Local Authority Community Safety Groups / IAM Roadsmart / Age Concern / RoSPA

Main aims:

  • To reduce casualties and collisions in the Highland area by engaging older drivers and their friends/families in a multi-agency led interactive workshop.
  • Test participants’ driving skills and reactions by using an interactive driving simulator in a safe environment and deliver educational inputs, in addition to on-site provision of specialist support services.
  • To encourage older drivers (aged 65 and over) to consider the standard of their driving, health, wellbeing, eyesight, mobility and to experience first-hand how these factors impact upon their ability to drive safely.
  • Highlight to participants that driver error, inattention and deterioration in health are some of the key causation factors in collision.

The following Road Safety Framework Evaluation Initiatives are/will receive funding.

Essential Cycling Skills – Online Resources

Funding period: 2021/22

Organisation: Cycling Scotland

Main aims and objectives:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of Essential Cycling Skills (ECS) training resources.
  • Understand the impact on people’s hazard awareness and knowledge of National Standard cycling following engagement with Cycling Scotland’s interactive online ‘Essential Cycling Skills Resource’.

Evaluation coming soon.