Scotland's Road Safety Framework

Driver retesting

Reserved to UK Government

The learning and testing, including re-testing is governed by the UK Government. If you wish, you may contact the Department for Transport at Great Minster House, 33 Horseferry Road, London, SW1P 4DR, on 0300 330 3000.

Road Safety Commercial ideas


Scottish Ministers, nor Transport Scotland officials, can endorse or promote a commercial product.

Driving whilst distracted

Mobile Phones

Any activity which takes a driver’s concentration away from the road is potentially dangerous and we encourage everyone to acknowledge driving as a skill which requires concentration and judgement.  Every driver in Scotland should not use their phone behind the wheel or be distracted.

The laws regulating the use of mobile phones (including penalties for improper use) are reserved.  The current penalties for hand held mobile phone use while driving are:

  • £200 Fixed Penalty Notice
  • 6 penalty points on your licence

Visitors on Scotland roads

Road Safety Education

We recognise that Scotland has large number of visitors every year who are unfamiliar with our roads and therefore we deliver a number of safety initiatives to reinforce the importance of Driving on the left.

Road Safety delivery in schools

Road Safety Education

Road Safety Scotland (RSS), our principle road safety delivery partner, is directly responsible for the development of road safety learning resources which provide end-to-end learning in road safety, starting from early years and continuing throughout the school curriculum and beyond.  All our resources link to Curriculum for Excellence and offer different learning styles to engage teachers and learners, and make the learning appropriate, relevant and challenging at every level.  The resources, particularly the online versions, may also help maintain the important link between school and home, allowing key road safety messages to be shared throughout the wider community.