Scotland's Road Safety Framework
  • Safe Road Use


  • Safe Roads and Roadsides


  • Safe Speeds


  • Safe Vehicles


  • Post-crash Response


To help achieve our vision, the framework identifies five outcomes:

Digram showing The Safe System approach

Scotland’s Road Safety Framework to 2030 has a vision for Scotland to have the best road safety performance in the world by 2030. To help achieve that vision, the framework sets out five strategic outcomes which describe the road safety environment it aims to deliver. These outcomes align with the five pillars of the Safe System: Safe Road Use; Safe Vehicles; Safe Speeds; Safe Roads and Roadsides; and Post-crash Response.

The Scottish Government and our partners are committed to making Scotland’s road safer for everyone. However, all road users have a part to play in the success of the framework by keeping the roads safe for themselves and others, hence the motto “Together, making Scotland’s roads safer”. Embedding the Safe System approach at a national, regional, local and even individual level will play a major part in achieving this.

A Safe System involves those who manage and design the roads as well as those who use them; each is responsible for, and must contribute to, eradicating fatal and serious injuries.

The explicit, longer-term goal of the Safe System is for a road traffic system which becomes free from death and serious injury through incremental, targeted improvements within a specified safety performance framework. It is backed up by interim, quantitative targets to reduce numbers of deaths and serious injuries – usually measured over a ten-year period.

The holistic approach of the Safe System creates the conditions for road casualties not to occur by focusing efforts not only on road traffic casualty reduction but also on road traffic danger reduction.