Scotland's Road Safety Framework

We have published our first Delivery Plan of the Framework, which sets out the actions we will take alongside our partners over the next two years to help achieve our vision.

Our vision, as set out in Scotland’s Road Safety Framework to 2030, is for Scotland to have the best road safety performance in the world by 2030, with an ambitious long-term goal where no one is seriously injured or killed on our roads by 2050.

This is the Framework’s first Delivery Plan 2021-2022, which sets out 60 deliverables being undertaken by lead delivery partners. It focusses on immediate actions to 2022 and builds the foundation for longer-term actions.

The Framework also sets out 12 strategic actions to address current and emerging challenges in road safety. One of these actions aims to improve funding streams for national and local road safety. These strategic actions align with the National Transport Strategy and wider Scottish Government outcomes and indicators too. For example, our Climate Change Plan commitment to reduce car kilometres by 20% by 2030 will not only reduce emissions, it also has the potential to reduce road casualties.

Last year, the number of road casualties fell to 4,992 and the number of fatalities was the lowest since annual records began. But we know that one death is one too many and there is more we can do, and will do, to realise our vision.